23 November 2008

The Creative Industrial Class

Originally I was going to post a pic of some free-range turkeys on a local farm but the pic isn't good because the turkeys, which were near me at first, got spooked and walked away. I was probably wearing my orange fleece jacket which I've noticed has that effect on wildlife.

I'm making the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving so I did a test run of a recipe which includes celery root. I've never had celery root before, probably because it's really fucking expensive ($5/lb for a damn root vegetable). Anyway, the taste panel approved it and I can go ahead with the scaled-up the operation. I have to make something else, too, but I haven't decided what.

On an entirely unrelated note, here is a whimsical painting job on an unlikely building in an unlikely place, a factory building in the Queensgate industrial area:

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