08 November 2008

A Question for Joe the Plumber

Like most people, one of the things I do when I go to someone's home is lift off the lid to their toilet tank. If I'm going to get to know people I need to know what kind of people they are. Are they traditional balloon-ballcock people or modern, progressive floating-ballcock people? What am I dealing with? Knowing this can prevent awkward moments later.

But I have to admit, when I saw this, I was flummoxed. What is this?


Another Westender (Brisbane) said...

From the brochure: "All toilets are not created equal... The extraction efficiency of the W/C Technology Corporation PF/2 flushing system exceeds all others and prevents offensive, institutional flushing noises at the same time". So you know you are dealing with a superior type of people there. Or else you are in an institution. What is the -phobia name for "Fear of Flushing Noises"?
Before you go back to the table (I presume you are wireless blogging in situ) you could find at everything, and more, you need to know about fixing them for some scintillating after dinner conversation from http://www.guillens.com/pf2/PF2_Toubleshooting_Guide.htm.
You could start with "I love your silent cistern, do you have a PF/2 energizer?"

liz said...

ballcock... hahahaha

Kate The Great said...

You are seriously enigmatic.

Balloon or floating - I don't know what kind of ballcock I have, but I'm having some serious problems with it. It involves a hose that is supposed to connect to a little arm thingy, and the hose fills with water as a little piston rises along the arm thingy.

The hose doesn't stay connected to the A.T. after flushing, and instead sends water shooting to the top of my tank lid.

It's a PITA and I'm trying to figure out how this Gal Friday can fix it.

Perhaps I should track down Joe for an answer...

5chw4r7z said...

When someone is so anal they need to complicate something as simple as a toilet I think they are wound a little too tight.

phyzish said...

that is the most intense toilet engine i have ever seen. wherever did you discover this anomaly?

WestEnder said...

Brisbane Westender is overflowing with plumbing knowledge. This setup, whatever it is, is indeed a power-flushing system. A few of us gathered at the door to test the flush and were impressed with its power.

KtG, your description suggests that you are a member of the floating-ballcock family. I have a feeling your problem is easily fixable. Knowing that probably doesn't help, though.