22 May 2008

Nicknames of People I Knew in College

HILLBILLY. He was from Mt. Airy, NC which was the town used as the setting for Mayberry. This was funny because he was pretty much like Andy Griffith; a friendly, easy-going fella with a southern drawl. He dated Stacy, who was kind of a bitch but was one of the two hottest bodies on campus. They had nothing in common but he was with several girls with whom he had nothing in common once word got around about his huge member.

COWBOY. I didn't know him that well but he dated Stacy before Hillbilly. And he wore cowboy hats a lot.

GOAT. At first people were scared of this guy. He just looked like a guy who would really fuck you up if you crossed him. The CIA (or maybe it was the FBI) approached him while campus recruiting, so that gives an idea about his appearance. Actually he was a nice guy and pretty thoughtful, if I remember.

POND SCUM. No, he didn't look THAT bad but he was disheveled enough to earn the nickname. He was in the tennis class that I assisted in. The instructor got on his case a lot and it drove him to tears once.

COCO. From Ecuador. Hilarious. Everybody loved him. One of the funnest guys to party with.

ROLO. Coco's roommate. From somewhere in Latin America. Every time we saw him he was with a different hot girl.

LOTTA RELATA. He wore tight jeans once and a girl joked "Wow, there's a lotta Relata in those jeans!" and it stuck.

BUSTER. His last name was "Cherry" so this was pretty much expected.


liz said...

just stopping by to say hi and visit your blog. i don't really get the theme here (clearly i need a theme re: blogs) but i like it. also i laughed my ass off over "lotta relata"

Misplaced said...

Themes are for suckas!

(I don't actually know what that means)

WestEnder said...

Shut up! That's the theme!