21 March 2008

Quote of the Week

I haven't blogged this week. I've watched a lot of basketball, though. I love March Madness. If you missed today's San Diego vs. Connecticut game you missed a great one.

Another notable hoops event: who could have guessed THIS would happen? It wasn't a great game, but probably the only game ever where more players are likely to get graduate degrees than NBA contracts.

Another notable event no.2: Five white guys from a small, elite liberal arts school beat Gonzaga and get to the second round. Congratulations, Rod Serling College Davidson College!

And now for this week's quote. It's a complete non sequitur from the content above but I heard it from an NPR caller and thought it interesting:

Those who work with their hands are laborers;
Those who work with their hands and brains are craftsmen;
Those who work with their hands, brains, and hearts are artists.

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