07 March 2008

Obama May Win More Texas Delegates than Clinton

I knew the caucus votes had yet to be counted but I hadn't seen the numbers until I read this piece.

Primary Results
Clinton: 51% of votes for 65 delegates
Obama: 48% of votes for 61 delegates

Caucus Results so far (44% counted so far)
Clinton: 44%
Obama: 56%

If these percentages hold for the remainder of the caucus votes, Clinton will gain 29 more delegates and Obama will gain 38 more. That will give the following totals:

Clinton: 94
Obama: 99

So far the pattern is that Obama wins in urban areas and Clinton wins in rural areas. I don't know about the geographic distribution of the remaining caucus votes, but I do remember one analyst mentioning that the "late" (i.e. caucus) votes will favor Obama. If this turns out to be true, Obama may indeed win more Texas delegates than Clinton.

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