31 March 2008

I Am a Davidson Fan

It's funny... for years I used to cheer for Kansas because they always had a great team, always made the tournament, always got a high seed, but never went all the way. Their fortunes could certainly change this year. Yes, UNC is the team to beat, but at the start of the tourney I thought Kansas might be the one team that could knock them off. They still might, although UCLA has looked very strong as well.

But let's face it: this year's story is Davidson. I thought it was impressive enough that they booted Gonzaga, but to follow that up with a win over Georgetown (a great team) and a beatdown to Wisconsin (also great) was spectacular. And they were contending with Kansas from the first second right up until the last. It was a great show. Heartbreaking, but great.

Did you hear that Davidson's trustees paid for 500 students (that's about a third of the student body) to make the trip to Detroit? Pretty cool.

I liked one student's sign: "Davidson: Google it!"

I've actually been to Davidson. I had a couple friends that went there. In those days, classes met every day, not MWF and T-Th. It was named the most difficult college (by Newsweek, I presume) in the 1980s. It produced the most Rhodes scholars as a percentage of students. The male-female ratio was lopsided, something like 65% male. They also had a good basketball team, but not this good.

Can't wait to see them next year. If there really are an infinite number of universes, somewhere out there Davidson will meet Xavier in the finals.


Kevin LeMaster said...

I Googled "Davidson" and got a link to photos of John Davidson, host of That's Incredible!

WestEnder said...

Ha! I watched that show when I was a kid. I had a crush on Cathy Lee.

One time they had a yogi contort himself and put his whole body into a small, clear plexiglass box. He stayed in it for the whole show.

And then there was the guy who caught bullets with his teeth. Uh huh. Even I didn't buy that one.