15 October 2007

Trashy Ideas for Cincinnati

From the Business Courier:

The Green Cincinnati Recycling Plan launched this week by Mayor Mark Mallory and city council members would increase recycling by 50 percent in the next four years.

Cincinnati now recycles about 9 percent of its total waste. By upping recycling to 15 percent, Cincinnati would increase the rebate it receives from the Hamilton County Solid Waste District, which would reduce the cost of the city's recycling program. The city now gets a $26 rebate for each ton of recycling. The rebate increases to $30 per ton if the city recycles to 10 percent of its trash, and to $34 per ton by recycling 15 percent.

And up in Butler County they're having a "Recycled Sculpture Contest" for grade schoolers. The kids made art out of trash. See an example here. The best of the bunch are on display at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton (no mention of the contest on their web page, though).

Could this be a good idea for the students in our beloved inner city? It certainly could. It's an out-of-the-box idea to stimulate creative thinking and it might just impress an awareness of their environs on them.

If anyone out there is a member of the Mayor's Kitchen Cabinet, think about it. It's not as if it would cost much.


5chw4r7z said...

We really need a convenient place downtown to recycle, or is there? It kills me to throw plastic, glass and paper away but my apartment makes no provisions for recycling. I save aluminum cans up and bring them to work and a co-worker recycles them, but downtowners need an easier way to do this.

WestEnder said...

Uhh... did you not click the link again?

The CBC article has a link to the mayor's website where you can order a recycling bin. I don't know what the situation is in your building, but my guess is that if you order it... they will come!

There's also the Bengals game option (also in the article) which has the added bonus of providing a reason to attend a game.