23 October 2007

How to Cut a Whole Chicken

Chicken Butchery 101 (from the Niagara Culinary Institute), one of the better videos I've found on the procedure:


ohdave said...

Westender, Tom Archdeacon of the DDN had a great column on the bashing of Chad Johnson today. I really fucking hate WLW and 1530. They completely take their talking points on sports from the local teams, promoting whatever agenda the ownership wants them to promote. So now that the Bengals are down they want to dump Johnson's salary and the stations are all too happy to oblige by going after Johnson and making him the "escape goat" (read the article) for the team.

Great, great piece if you are a Bengals fan. Send this out to everyone in C-town, or better yet post it. If they get rid of CJ I'll never cheer the Bengals again.


WestEnder said...

The article is right on target. You're right-on about sports radio as well. 1530 had one good Bengals commentator and they got rid of him after last season. Unbelievable.

The key statement in the article is about the front office. The players, coaches, stadiums, uniforms, and fans have changed but the one thing that has remained the same is an owner and front office that is more committed to profit margins than great football.

It's clear that owners like Kraft (Patriots), Jerry Jones (Cowboys) and others love their team and care about winning. They're willing to do whatever it takes. You can see it reflected in their demeanor when cameras cut to a shot of the owner's box during broadcasts. I've never seen a shot of Mike Brown at a football game.

I think that's the critical difference between the Bengals and everybody else : the front office simply isn't willing to do whatever it takes.

(The Reds have a similar front office situation as well. I've heard and read interviews with the owner, and I'm not even sure he knows what a baseball is).