01 October 2007

Bush's UN Speech Written FONE-EH-TICK-LEE

Bush is a moron, episode 2175:

...a glimpse of how the President sees his speeches was accidentally placed on the UN website along with the speechwriters' cell phone numbers.

Pronunciations for President Bush's friend French President Sarkozy "[sar-KOzee]" appeared in draft #20 on the UN website. Other pronunciations included the Mugabe "[moo-GAHbee] regime" and pronunciations for countries "Kyrgyzstan [KEYRgeez-stan]" and "Mauritania [moor-EH-tain-ee-a]."

The press asked Dana Perino about the matter and she responded with a logical fallacy:

...when asked if the president had a hard time pronouncing some of those country names Perino declined comment saying, "I think that's an offensive question."


Mark said...

Have you ever read the SF short story "The Marching Morons"? We're heading down that road.

WestEnder said...

I haven't read that, but I remember a story that was part SF, part sociopolitical farce in which the press worked 24-7 to report the latest about the President's meals, sleep, heart rate, bowel movements, etc.