28 July 2007

Post Publishes 1000-Word Bumper Sticker

The Post's headline: The Surge has a Name.

Translation of the Post's headline: Put that head back up your ass and keep it there.

As the Army's Fort Thomas-based 478th Engineer Battalion trains at Fort McCoy, Wis., for its second deployment to Iraq, its citizen soldiers know the war has lost popularity. But that, said one, is for the pollsters to worry about.

Nothing to worry about here, folks. Just a few egghead pollsters with time on their hands trying to be trendy (like their Hollywood friends). Just like Bush said. And his powers of discernment are very good.

At this point I generally ignore most Iraq news. Same shit, different day. But on the few occasions when an Iraq-related story manages to make it past the bullshit filter, it usually triggers my recollection of something I heard a media analyst say: the MSM's Iraq reporting consists only of operational issues (the surge, e.g.) and partisan rhetoric. Crucial issues of lies, legality, and corruption are not asked, let alone investigated.

And that's actually the good part. Even more pitiful is the fact that corporate newspapers continue to fart out fluff like this Post piece on a regular basis. I'd like to see the publishers and editorial boards spend 6 years sitting next to someone lactose intolerant and see how they like their senses being offended regularly.

You're doing a heckuva job, Postie!

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