06 July 2007

I'm Still Glad I'm Male

From the Women's Health division of Cook Medical:

Labor is induced in more than eighteen percent of deliveries in the United States and is commonly used in the instance of a post delivery date pregnancy... If labor is induced when the cervix is unfavorable it may increase the likelihood of induction failure, protracted and exhausting labors, and other complications. An undesired Cesarean delivery may also result.

The Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon catheter is comprised of two silicone balloons and uniquely engineered to allow the cervix to naturally and gradually dilate prior to the induction of labor. The first of two balloons is inflated on the uterine side of the cervix; the second is then inflated in the vaginal side of the cervix.

Okay, gentlemen, let's be honest about this: if men got pregnant we'd all snort laughing gas for a week and then get Cesareans. And there wouldn't be any Catholics. I think I speak on behalf of all men when I say: Thank you, women, for bringing us and our children into the world. Anything that makes it easier is OK by me.

More at the product description page.

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