30 July 2007

Dept. of City Planning Has a Director

The CBC reports that Cincinnati has hired a new director for its revitalized Planning Department. Charles C. Graves (the III) will start his job later this summer.

NOTE: for some reason the link won't work even though it's correct. Try this:

Cincinnati used to have a planning department, but it was eliminated in 2002 after some guys in suits told Charlie Luken to eliminate it. That's as sure a sign as any that it was a good thing. Luken, you will recall, is now helping move Ohio forward as a lobbyist for the gaming industry.

This return of the Planning Department should be good for the city because it puts land use decisions in the hands of urban planners instead of land developers. Urban planners know how to plan cities. Land developers know... well, I don't know what they know. I'll ask Chris Bortz next time I see him.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Why does that name sound familiar, Charles Graves?

WestEnder said...

He worked for the city in the 80s, maybe that's why.