02 April 2007

Current Trends in Adolescent Stupidity

From Champaign County...

As students across the county have more free time due to spring break from classes, some school administrators are concerned that peer pressure could lead to stupid, even dangerous behavior.

Parents in the Triad district were issued a letter last week regarding the practice of branding the skin with hot metal, a fad that can have serious medical complications.

Triad Superintendent Dr. Dan Kaffenbarger said Friday he was encouraged to spread the word after finding out that approximately 10 students had participated in the act since January.

Medical risks associated with burns include infection ranging from hepatitis to staph and even gangrene and HIV in extreme cases.

The letter also mentioned another unsafe practice that is currently a fad among teens... Participants spray Axe Body Spray on their genital areas then set the flammable liquid alight.

"These practices go beyond typical 'teenagers will be teenagers' and borders on radical stupidity," Kaffenbarger said.


ohdave said...

I've known some students who've done this. they bend a paperclip into the shape they want, hold it over a flame until it's red hot, and brand themselves. Not unusual for athletes to brand their numbers into their skin. I've never heard of anyone getting an infection from it, but the risk is certainly there. Haven't some black fraternities been doing this for a while also? I seem to remember seeing guys with big omegas scarred into their shoulder, almost like a keloid scar.

The body spray thing is a new one on me, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I never heard about that body spray stunt. Think I'd rather be bored.

Back in the 80s at UC, it was very common for members of one particular black fraternity to brand their letters in their arms.

At the time everyone swore after initation night, you could smell burning flesh at Calhoun and Daniels Hall (the 2 main dorms) but looking back I wonder how much of that was just imagination.

Wes said...


You mean cargo-panted asshats* who use body spray might be taking themselves out of the gene pool?

I fail to see the problem here.

*thank you Covington Jim, wherever you are, for coming up with the term "cargo-panted asshats."


TravisG said...

I'm intrigued by this radical stupidity idea. These extremists will stop at nothing!

WestEnder said...

^Look out... someday they're gonna take over the government and start burning everyone else's crotch.

Anonymous said...

Wow...this is triad for ya branding there asses and making there balls flame up.....at least kids at graham have better things to do like......DRUGS