05 April 2007

Lou Dobbs Urgently Needed in Ohio Town

The Bucyrus Telegraph Forum reports that 71-year-old Sandra Sarge Sheifer of Broken Sword (halfway between Columbus and Toledo) planted almost 5,000 trees on her farm to celebrate her birthday.

Seems nice enough until you read about the evil forces at play:

"This was my father's farm and he left it to me. I have always loved it because of the beauty of it," Schiefer said as 17 workers from Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, employed by William's Forestry and Associates, began planting the trees in the area designated with little pink flags.

It’s bad enough that 17 tree-planting jobs that should go to Ohioans have been stolen by these swarthy Central Americans, but to promote homosexuality with little pink flags is just going too far.

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Mark said...

Not to mention that she's planting trees in what could easily be the foundation of a new Wal-Mart.