03 December 2010

God, Me and Strip Clubs

In this photo one can see the light of Heaven shining upon Newport. Looking closely, it appears the brightest beams shineth specifically upon THE BRASS ASS on Madison Monmouth Road.

This visage, when considered in the context of my previous whorehouse-related experience, is a sign that the Lord has a mission for me, and that mission is to be the king of Northern Kentucky strip clubs.


CP said...

If you're gonna be all, "I'm so cool because I'm from the swanky side of the river," you should at least know what you're making fun of.

Madison Ave is in Covington. The Brass Ass is in Newport, on Monmouth.

That big building on the other side of the bridge is called The Southgate House. It's cooler than you.

WestEnder said...

I always mix up Madison & Monmouth. I know which is which but I say one when I mean the other. I did it with Broadway & Clark in Chicago all the time.

Anyway, I have no idea why you're so defensive unless it's because deep down you know NKy sucks brass ass.

BTW, I like NKy. A lot. That doesn't mean I'm not going to poke fun at people & things in NKy. It's the same with Cincy and if you read this blog you'd know that.

In any case, I'll put up another NKy post next week so be sure to start planning another winning comment right away!