11 December 2010

Holiday Happy Hour!

We face challenging times, my friends.

Our sagging local economy may force us to lay off police who direct traffic at the stadium that we also have to pay for even though it is owned by a pompous asshole who mismanages an embarrassingly underperforming franchise that he has no intention of reforming.

We have an incoming Governor who has destroyed jobs before they even existed and managed to do it before even taking office.

We have city council members who think the best way to handle a crisis is pandering to the group most in need of anger management.

Yes, these are challenges. But let us not forget that our fathers also faced challenges before us, and their fathers before them. And also mothers at some point. And if history has taught us anything, it is this: when the going gets tough, the tough go out and drink.

Therefore, I call your attention to the Cincinnati/Tri-State Blogger Holiday Happy Hour and business meeting (there's a write-off if you say that) to take place Thursday, Dec. 16 from 5-9pm at Mayday in Northside. Mayday is a great bar and serves a variety of gourmet hot dogs (locally made by Avril's). And speaking of gourmet dogs, Mayday will extend their Dog-N-Draft special (dog + draft for $7.50) for this event. Try asking for that at Senate.

This year's keynote address (again, the write-off) is "Don't Let the Wrong Font Reduce Your Revenue" by J. Maxwell Nerdington, who brought down the house with last year's "Sit on Your Ass and Count the Cash."

There is a Facebook page for this event but it inevitably missed a lot of people invitation-wise. So if you are reading this, you are invited! Feel free to bring both your friends.

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Griff said...

My keynote address was rejected. My working title was "Meme's that don't make you laugh: The real blogger's blogosphere." For the mere price of a beer I will be happy to recite my address in its entirety. I will also accept payment of beer not to recite my address in its entirety. The choice is yours