02 September 2009

Unexpected Email of the Week

Did anyone else get this in their inbox? I am trying to figure out if this is a good example of social media marketing or an awkward attempt at it.

My name is Jessica and I work for LasikPlus. As you may know, they are a Cincinnati-based laser vision correction company with locations across the United States.

Despite the economy, Cincinnati ophthalmologist Dr. Vince Marino of LasikPlus continues to see patients for laser vision correction to get rid of corrective lenses, improve their “game” in sporting activities or for professional reasons. Around 70% of his potential clients come to him from recommendations of others in the Cincinnati area, and he has had the pleasure of performing Lasik on entire families – including second generations!

At any time, any interested Cincinnati resident can come in for a free comprehensive eye exam to determine if they’re a candidate. This is a great deal for those who have ever considered the surgery, or are interested in learning more.

With financing available and the ability to use an HSA or FSA, now is actually a great time to invest in Lasik.

Let me know if you’d like any additional information on LASIK, LasikPlus or if you’d like to connect with Dr. Marino. We’d love to connect with Clark Street Blog readers.



Dan said...

I got it too.

Jason McGlone said...

Yeah, I got one of these. Here was my response:

"Yeah, I'm pretty much anti-lasergun-in-the-eye. While I know a lot of people who rave about lasik surgery, I fear holes being burned in my corneas. And yes, I'm completely aware that this fear is completely unfounded and irrational."

Kitty said...

I did not get it. Probably because I've already had the surgery. you'll never guess who did it. I'm happy with it.

David was traumatized. if you go with a friend and they offer to let you watch the procedure, decline.

liz said...

i didn't get it either, weird