20 September 2009

Oktoberfest Pics

A truckload of goetta is a truckload of good time as the poet Schiller wrote.

I hope this guy is getting overtime pay for this. Also I love that the poop truck has a warning beacon on top.

I do not know who these people are and I did not ask because I had a pretty good idea what they would say.

Kickin' brass with the Zinzinnati Bierband!

These revelers threw sausages at me until I agreed to take their picture.

There's one in every crowd. And this time he brought a friend.

Chicks with chicken hats.

I didn't see smoke or flames but apparently there was a fire at Carew Tower.


Jeff said...

There are far worse things than being pelted by sausage. Just saying

WestEnder said...

Fair enough.

LMJ said...

WestEnder - I missed out of this years festivities, but JJ grabbed a very similar pic of the man in the red shirt, however his was from a front angle - ewww!!!!

WestEnder said...

Haha... I just missed a front-on shot as he turned at the last second. The real scary part is knowing that this guy walked around like that all day.