03 January 2009

Jesus' Best Friend

Just before noon I went to Shadeau Breads hoping to find something sweet. The early birds cleaned the shelf so I struck out. But I did see a cute little girl, probably about 18 months old, bundled up in her pink coat and hood. She looked like a little pink marshmallow with big, blue eyes and chubby cheeks. Maybe she was hiding my chocolate croissant in those cheeks.

En route to Shadeau I passed Washington Park and saw a pizza van and a line of people. I think this was the weekly chow line set up by that suburban church (can't remember the name) that makes weekly jaunts from blessed suburbia into cursed Sodom. That's what Jesus would do, right?

The bumper sticker would indicate so:

It reads "Jesus is my Best Friend."

And here she is!

And yes, that is a no-parking zone.


Anonymous said...

With friends in high places, you don't need to worry about parking tickets.

Kate The Great said...

I stole your chocolate croissant.

I don't know if Jesus' best friend would be my best friend... I tell the occasional dirty joke.

Wes said...

From the looks of it, these people have absolutely nailed the letter of the law ("Jesus said, 'feed my sheep'") and completely missed the spirit.

I shan't be at all surprised that their feel-good jaunts into the city to feed the "underclass" are accompanied by voting habits that are wholly designed to keep the underclass in existence. And remember - if we feed 'em down there, they won't come up here. (It's a good reason for keeping better transit out of the 'burbs as well.)


Radarman said...

If it's the church I tangled with, it's the Forest Chapel United Methodist Church from Forest Park. They're above the law

5chw4r7z said...

That explains why the #78 always has to stop in the middle of the street blocking traffic.

Tamia said...

Damn, I missed it! The ONE TIME I don't walk through the park and they serve free pizza...