29 January 2009

Best Fried Chicken & Coffee Cake


I found out about this great fried chicken via my buddy Jack. He kept talking about how he went to the Hitchin' Post and how they make fried chicken the REAL way, by frying it in lard, and how the health police should stop complaining about the fat and just eat somewhere else and let the rest of us enjoy it and work off the calories by working on our farms which brings up another point which is that the problem isn't that we eat bad food but that we are too sedentary.

(That's the short version)

So one day I went driving along Kellog Ave looking for The Hitchin' Post, hoping that there would be only one place with that name. After not finding it, I turned around and found it.

Yes, their fried chicken is a true winner: tender and moist on the inside, crispy and salty on the outside. I've gone back three times.

If you see the Four Season's Marina, you've gone a little too far. You probably missed it because you were looking at the piles of cars in the junkyard across the street.

Sign Museum already has dibs


A while back I unexpectedly found myself at a local uber-bakery. I was hungry and had some time to kill so I got a piece of coffee cake and a cup of coffee to go with it.

I am confident that this will be the biggest and most delicious coffee cake you have tried:

Eat me at the Bonbonerie


liz said...

oh my god i need this fried chicken.

while i am at it, i need you to make me a reuben. please deliver it to my office at lunch tomorrow. your payment is the glory and honor of me eating your reuben. thanks.

Unknown said...

Hmm, i've also heard good things about their fried chickin. But I haven't been there yet.

Wes said...

There's also a Hitchin' Post at the corner of Edwards and Madison. I don't know if it's the same people, but it's darn good chicken.


WestEnder said...

^Yes, that Hitchin' Post is also good. Different people, but still good stuff.

k said...

what are your feelings on chicken and waffles?

you know what else makes us fat? climate controlled environments.

Anonymous said...

My family used to go to the Hitching Post years ago until my younger sister fell into a window well and banged up her knee. She threw such a fit about ever going again that we all got out of the habit.

WestEnder said...

Chicken & waffles? This is a slippery slope. Sure, everything is fine at first but then you start seeing ham cube ice cream and duck a la mode.

Meat & sweet things: irreconcilable differences?