05 April 2008

Final Four Thoughts and Another Chris Henry Story

Chris Henry just ain't right in the head

I overheard a man today whom I think might work for the Bengals. He talked about where the coaches traveled for meetings and what they were doing, etc. He also shared an unreported Chris Henry story:

He said Henry rented a car (in Louisiana, I think it was) and wrecked it. His insurance didn't cover the damages. Henry then rented another car and never returned it. Eventually he just drove it back home to Cincy. The rental company tracked it down and took it from his driveway.

Final Four Thoughts

I think UNC will beat Kansas. But Memphis-UCLA is a conundrum. My head says UCLA, but my gut knows that when you have a team that is almost universally discounted, you gotta watch out for it. Memphis is that team. If they were to take the title, I would be surprised, but not nearly as surprised as the pundits will be.

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