14 April 2008


Braunschweiger is a city in (where else) Germany. It is also the name of a German sausage concoction, presumable because it was invented in the city.

I had never heard of Braunschweiger until I saw it on the sandwich menu at Silverglade's. Their "Findlay Market" sandwich comes with smoked braunschweiger, mustard and onion on pumpernickel bread. No cheese.

I was in the store and decided to try it. I didn't ask what it was; it wouldn't have made any difference. I was in the mood to to try it. I figured it was some kind of liverwurst and I could look it up after I ate. It is, in fact, a kind of liverwurst and according to this German sausage overview it is "the most well known of the liverwurst sausages."

One of my gustatory goals this year is to try blood sausage. I'm not totally grossed out by it, but there is something a little weird about eating congealed blood and fat. It's also quite unhealthy according to NutritionData's analysis. I'll try the head cheese first.

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Mark said...

Look for souse. It's a spiced head cheese even more foul than the regular variety.