05 April 2007

Banks Working Group: Brothers Gonna Work it Out

The Post reports this morning that Portune and Berding have made some changes to the makeup of the Banks Working Group. The Banks is the place where this didn't happen.

The 5-member BWG previously had 5 white men and has now been changed to include 2 black men. My perspective on this is about the same as the Cincinnati Dealer's.

Here's the group's current makeup:

Front of the Bus:
Bob Castellini, chairman (bus driver)
Steven Leeper
Tim Riordan
Tom Gabelman
Robert Rhein

Back of the Bus:
Steven Love
Robert Richardson

So what does this mean? It means that when the Banks development turns out to be totally unremarkable and attracts zero attention from anyone else in the world, the local black community can proudly claim that they were part of it, too.

They say the brothers causin' trouble
Hate to bust their bubble
'Cause we rumble
From our lower level
To condition your condition
We're gonna do a song
That you never heard before
Make you all jump along to the education
Brothers gonna work it out

(Public Enemy)


Cincinnati Change said...

Yes you are right, the brother(s) are going to work it out. What about you.

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