09 October 2005

Why Miers?

Publius tells us what he thinks is the motivation behind the Miers nomination, and why specifically Bush had to go outside the Federalist Society "farm team" on this one:

Of all the scandals and junkets and leaks and what have you, the one that history will consider the most serious is the authorization of torture and the flagrant violations of the Geneva Convention. As Marty Lederman and Andrew Sullivan (to his credit) have made clear again and again, this administration is guilty of war crimes. And they know it.

...And one day, when all the facts are finally known (as they inevitably will), the legal reckoning will come. And I suspect that the Supreme Court will ultimately have the final say on a lot of these issues...

Picking a high-powered intellect from the Federalist Society farm team wouldn’t have helped Bush on the issue he’s most worried about... most Federalist Society stars would not tolerate the “unlimited executive authority” argument.

Miers is getting slammed from liberals as well as conservatives, including ol' timer Robert Bork, who said her nomination was "a disaster on every level" because she has "no experience with constitutional law whatever." Read the complete interview here.

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