28 October 2005

The "I" is for INDICTED

I. Lewis Libby won't be saved by his warm, fuzzy nickname now. Out of the 5 violations which the investigation looked into, Libby has been charged with violating 3 of them, two of them twice. The charges are obstruction of justice, false statements (2) and perjury (2).

You can read the indictments here (skip to page 9).


Anonymous said...

You need to re-read the document. He was charged as follows (From the front page of the indictment):

Count 1: Obstruction of Justice
Count 2: False Statements
Count 3: False Statements
Count 4: Perjury
Count 5: Perjury

WestEnder said...

You are correct; what I posted were the specific violations on which the investigation was based, rather than what the final indictments were. The former had the 2 additional violations. I have corrected the post.