19 September 2012

Check Out This 1960 UC Student Newspaper Ad

Gosh frosh!

How'd you catch on so quick? Catch on to the fact that Coca-Cola is the hep drink on campus, I mean. Always drink it, you say? Well-- how about dropping over to the dorm and downing a sparkling Coke or two with the boys. The man who's for Coke is the man for us.


VisuaLingual said...

Holy moly, that's crazy!

WestEnder said...

These old ads are a hoot... particularly the ones for Coke and tobacco. I'm sure I'll post more as part of my public service commitment (as a blogger) to read 50-yr old periodicals so others don't have to.

Quimbob said...

Looking at some of those old News Records are interesting when you look at ads for places that don't exist anymore.