12 March 2011

Waterfront Restaurant: Last Week vs. This Week

This is a photo from last week. The lower parking lot is almost entirely submerged but the edge of pavement is visible at the bottom. Note the space between the bridge pillar on the left and the restaurant.

This is a photo from today. There is no space between the pillar and restaurant; it's staying there for now and a tugboat (presumably the one that towed it back) is to the left/behind the restaurant. The water level is much higher this week and the lower lot is totally submerged.

Last week showing the lower lot. The stairs are almost entirely under water today.

Lower lot today. Note the traffic signage on the left.

Last week. This is the pile of river debris that wedged itself next to the restaurant. It's mostly tree parts but there are scores of bottles and I'm sure there's a tire or two somewhere in the flotsam.

A lot of the debris seems to have floated downstream after the restaurant dislodged last night. But it's being replaced quickly enough.

No time to put on clothes or shoes... gotta get down there and see it before it floats away again!

Here's the story from FOX19.com.


VisuaLingual said...

Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. Great commentary.