20 July 2010

LIncoln Ware: Black People cannot be Racist

Well, he finally admitted it. When pressed by a caller to stop making excuses for people who won't find a path to self-determination, Lincoln Ware had no counter-argument and no alternative but to cut his losses by hanging up on the caller. But not before revealing his true colors:

CALLER: Do you believe blacks can be racist?
WARE: What?
CALLER: Do. You. Believe. Blacks. Can. Be. Racist?
WARE: NO! Thanks for your call. (hangs up)

That's right, racism is a white condition, not a human condition. Forget everything else you've heard about the last five thousand years of human history.

His show got even more ridiculous when he next played-- without any acknowledgment of the absurd irony-- this infamous rant.

Keep it up, Lincoln Ware, I enjoy the laughs!


Linn said...

It's not just Lincoln Ware. During my undergrad, we had a group from Berkley as visiting speakers. They actually tried to teach us poor, Appalachian kids of academia that very idea-- that black people can't be racist. Some people were floored, but others totally agreed. They swore that racism could only be carried out by a group of power, and since "black people don't have power over anyone," they couldn't be racist. Insanity.

WestEnder said...

Well I do agree that racism can be carried out by people in power; that is institutional racism and America has a long and sordid history of it.

But in 2010, minorities in America get ahead the same way as everyone else, with talent and hard work. The fact that Lincoln Ware and his WBDZ ass clown posse don't realize that this is a far more relevant factor in a person's life than racism shows how ignorant they are.

Effyou Thassmaname said...

I'd give equal stupid points to the person who spent time to make that call.

Congrats, genius, you've figured out that people on talk radio make dumb statements.

Mark said...

"Congrats, genius, you've figured out that people on talk radio make dumb statements."

Discovery two is that blog comments can out-Herod Herod.

But back to reality, UC used to preach this as gospel, claiming that racist was a function of power so minorities were exempt.