06 June 2010

Best College Basketball Team Names

I've always thought Earlham College's "Hustling Quakers" was a funny name. Earlham is a Quaker (i.e. pacifist) school so they didn't want any references to animals that hunt, maul, rip, etc. Basically, any reference to predation or general ass-kicking was off the table. And so "hustling" it was.

But "Hustling Quakers" wouldn't come close to making the cut for this list.

I knew about UC-Santa Cruz, but none of the others.


Mark said...

I knew of some of the also-rans at the bottom but only knew the banana slugs from the main list.

My wife went to Heidelberg but I had no idea about the Student Princes.

Brian said...

NYU = Violets

Kenyon = Lords & Ladies

Ohio Wesleyan = Battlin' Bishops

High School --- Barberton HS = Magics

Mark said...

My sister went to Ohio Wesleyan so Battling Bishops doesn't even seem weird anymore.

WestEnder said...

I had a good buddy that went to Kenyon and he never mentioned the Lords & Ladies. But he did mention that his dorm was the most evil place in the world according to two psychics.