24 May 2010

Seen at the OTR/Gateway Celebration

It started out sunny and hot but as the afternoon progressed the weather went through some mood changes, "like an indecisive woman" in the words of one reveler. But it was a good afternoon with good music and an eclectic crowd. The ubiquitous Dojo Gelato/Taste of Belgium duo was there. Cafe de Wheels and Senor Roy brought their trucks. Unfortunately, Cafe de Wheels ran out of food and shut down early and Senor Roy ran out of black beans, which I was willing to accept... then chicken, which was no matter since I wanted pork... but then he ran out of queso which is a deal-breaker for this hombre.

I suspect foul play at the keg.

This little girl saw my camera and suddenly came to life.

Kids being kids in the most dangerous place in America.

Love this snapshot-in-time of the new OTR.

These ladies and the fancy dog were quite a visage.

No ring... he's available!!


5chw4r7z said...

Nice pictures, someone on CityKins blog complained it was all white yuppies, glad you proved otherwise.

WestEnder said...

Yeah, I saw that comment... so dumb it wasn't worth responding to, IMO.