05 April 2010

A Rough Estimation of the Number of Way-Out Racists

Today I read this article about the murder of a prominent South African white supremacist. The article mentioned that South Africa's population is 50 million and the membership of the white supremacist AWB party is 7000.

So 14 out of every 100,000 people are racist enough to join a party based upon the idea of racial purity, at least in South Africa.

I have no evidence-based reason to apply the same proportion to the United States, but we're just talking here. So for the U.S. population of 300 million, this would predict we have about 42,000 people willing to join a white supremacist political party.

That is not a lot of people, and they're probably too stupid to do anything in an organized fashion. Unless, of course, someone else is willing to do it for them.


As insightfully pointed out in the comments, South Africa is only about 10% white. So 14 out of every 10,000 are supremacists. The U.S. is about 75% white (2000 census) which translates to a new U.S. white supremacist count of about 315,000. So it's a little worse than I first thought.


CityKin said...

Since the white population is only 10% of the total, the real proportion of way-out racists would be more like 140 out of each 100,000 or one out of 700.

WestEnder said...