12 April 2010

Fountain Square "Ecosculptures"

I have an knee-jerk aversion to the name "Butterfly..."

...but this is creative and fun. Nice!

This is Bags in Bloom. The bags are from Sands Montessori, which apparently has a lot of junk food and diapers.

This is The Eye of Providence by Rachel Argo and Adam Chow, 9th-graders at Summit Country Day. It is a pyramid made out of about 750 wire hangers and some cut up soda cans. Believe me, these pics do NOT do justice to this sculpture. I can't believe a couple of 9th graders took a bunch of trash and came up with this. These are the people we need to keep in Ohio, which is why you should vote YES on ISSUE 1 in May.

Top of the pyramid. I just took it because I like how the fore- and background go together.

This is Aluminum Anomaly by Isabella King, a 14-year old at Nagel Middle School. Impressive... can't imagine how much time it took to cut all the cans up!

"Atlas Recycled... Fragments of 14 atlases and road maps form the skin..."

I particularly like the statement about one of the artists: "Kendra Conklin is a belly dancer and Physics student at the University of Cincinnati."

"Belly dancer" and "physics student" in the same sentence... I'm going to Moe's!

"This sculpture is not only made from recycled materials but is a receptacle for aluminum cans as well."

These artists drank 5,000 Budweisers so we could enjoy public art.

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Avani said...

These are so impressive - great pics too!