18 November 2009

New Words Inspired by Sarah Palin

Palinium: the densest element yet discovered.

Palinescense: the phenomenon of mainstream media exhibiting increased fascination with public figures in direct proportion to their diminishing significance.

Palinese: a mode of [often desultory] speech in which the speaker's skewed cognition gives the impression of idiocy bordering on lunacy.

The Palinofsky Gambit: a chess play in which a checkmated player blames the loss on the liberal media and then claims victory.


Mumbles said...

Thanks for the Palinopedia entries--I'd love to post them to my blog (with proper credit, of course). If that's okay, thank you so much! If not, no problem. Perhaps I could just link back or mention your blog?

WestEnder said...

Sure, go ahead and post 'em. Glad you liked it and thanks for asking. A few more here.