22 January 2008

Is the CPD Really THIS Bad?

It is according to this letter (click on “Get Documents” in the top right) sent to Councilman Thomas. The letter relates one family’s experiences with crime and paints a picture of the CPD as grossly incompetent and uninterested. Truly unbelievable.

Two bets I would not make: local corporate media will investigate and report this; and the city manager and mayor will follow up and demand accountability.


CityKin said...


A Concerned Reader said...

When I hit that link, I get a letter to Council opposing an increase in bus fares.

Is that the correct link?

WestEnder said...

The link WAS correct (as the first comment indicates) but it seems they changed the URL on the council site.

It has been fixed. If a problem reoccurs it can be found on the city council website (link at right). The document type is "communication." and it is document #200800061.